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The Process

Stage-USA arranges a great variety of OPT job placements in the United States. We understand the multiple challenges of finding an appropriate job placement in the USA that fits your profile, academic needs, and vocational goals. Likewise, the process of persuading a company in the US while managing your academic life, can be daunting for many students under an F-1 Visa. Stage-USA provides its expertise in placement through the following steps:

  1. Registration: The process begins with your online registration through the application form on our website. Filling out a form is without obligation and completely free of charge.
  2. First contact: A Stage-USA representative will personally get in contact with you via email to schedule an appointment for a video call via Skype. First contact is without any obligation and free of charge
  3. Intake: During the intake, we will discuss your OPT program needs and explain the Stage-USA process. We want to obtain an impression of your aspirations and personal motivation. This meeting is also without obligation and free of charge
  4. Selection: On the basis of the intake, we will determine if we can begin a placement process for your specific program. To participate in a program in the U.S. you do not need to have the highest grades, but your motivation is essential. In some cases, we may decide to conduct an additional interview in English. This will take place by phone or Skype with one of our representatives.
  5. Program Agreement/Deposit: Based on the interview, a Program Agreement is developed. This agreement is an overview of the program and must be signed in order to complete the registration. Once we receive your signed agreement, we will request a deposit for the amount of $500. This amount will be deducted from your total program costs.
  6. Collecting documents: Once the deposit has been paid, we will begin working on your resume, motivation letter, reference letters and grade lists. We will work with you on perfecting your documents to the standards and norms of US Professional Profiles. These adjusted documents will be yours to keep and for your use in the future. One of our representatives will coach and guide you through this entire process.
  7. Interview Training: Before you have your first interview, you will have interview training with one of our representatives. We will provide a personalized training based on your field of work, individual profile, aspirations, prospective company, and explore diverse techniques and strategies for a successful interview, and preparing you in the best way possible for your interview at a U.S. company.
  8. Placement: During this period, we will introduce you to several companies in the U.S. that suit your profile. We will keep you informed of the process until a possible match is found. Once we receive a positive response from a company, we will inform you of the details of the job.
  9. Interview: At this point you will interview with your potential OPT host company. You can ask any questions you might have about the job and the company. Based on the interview, both you and the company can decide if there is a match.
  10. Contracts and Payment: Once you are hired and you accept a job offer, a contract will be signed and the balance of the program must be paid. You will only pay the remaining program fee upon successful placement.
  11. Finalizing documents and start: We will provide you with the necessary information you need in order to activate your OPT. In the event of a STEM extension program, we will develop your training plan and apply for the Host Business E-Verification. After these steps have been finalized, you are ready to start your new job!