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Stage-USA currently works with several universities across Europe. These partnerships are mainly due to the exceptional quality of the internships we offer. If students apply through their Stage-USA affiliated university, they are eligible to receive a discount on mediation.

Many students have the desire to go to America, but because it is a challenge and a little frightening, they need an extra push. Stage-USA will encourage students to step out of their comfort zone in order to gain the experience of a lifetime. We inform students of the right kind of internship in relation to their study, how much the costs will be, how to obtain a visa, and many other useful tips about going abroad, all at no charge!

Stage-USA can offer your school:

  • Brief information sessions to student classes during the school day
  • Information booths during internship days where students can ask questions and find necessary information
  • Personal information sessions with students, teachers, and parents
  • Information folders and posters for the school to provide, which can be handed out from your school’s International Office, for example 

The biggest advantage for a student to find an internship through Stage-USA is our availability of paid internships. The costs just to get to the US are very high, and our paid internships provide an excellent return on investment. Also, if your university is affiliated with Stage-USA, all your students who apply will receive a €50 discount.

Available Internships

Join Stage-USA’s mailing list to receive free, no obligation monthly lists of available internships in America. These lists provide a clear overview of the internships we offer and the payments the students receive. You can expect a monthly update of about 50 to 100 internships. Register now:

Visa Application

Whether students find their own internship placements or not, Stage-USA strongly advises students to use assistance during the visa application process, and Stage-USA can offer our professional visa services to any students who have found their own placements, all at the lowest price, guaranteed! We guide the student and the host company through the entire process, including the complicated process of creating the training plan.


Are you interested in what Stage-USA can offer your university? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for affiliation. Please contact us at:

Phone: +31 20 68 23 026