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Southern Charms

29 september 2015



Despite being United, the USA is an extremely diverse country – also on a cultural level.  Traditions, accents, laws and cults vary depending on what state and part of the country you find yourself in.

Most of America’s largest cities are subject to extreme international influence with residents coming from all parts of the world to work and/or make their very own American dream come true.  With the impressiveness of these world famous hubs, most visitors often forget about traveling to the more remote states to escape from the multiculturalism of the major metropolitan areas to experience true American culture. Of course, cities always seem to be the most popular destination but the country has a lot more to offer than NY, LA and co., which most tourists seem to dismiss when traveling state side.  Despite suffering mostly mocking stereotypes, southern states such as Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Louisiana also have their charms and are worth a visit for anyone who is interested in the more old school side of the country.


Tennessee is the hub of American line dancing and country music. If you would like to experience the real cowboy scene in America, learn how to dance Nashville style and listen to live country music whilst having a bud light, then this city is for you! To also address the opposite of the vibrant Nashville city life, Tennessee is also home to the Amish – perfect to time travel, since Amish people live 19th century style. When visiting Amish country, you will enter into a whole different world, which is amazing to see in hypermodern America!  With Amish families specializing in different trades, they live from both in- and outsiders of their own community purchasing their 100% natural goods.


The song Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard truly marked this charming state on the map for outsiders. Alabama is known for southern hospitality and if you do happen to make your way down there you will find that Alabamans will receive you warmheartedly and with curiosity. Mobile, AL is a very popular destination, especially because of the beaches. Close to Florida but lower prices, the coast of Alabama might be a good idea for a short break to soak up a bit of southern sun and experience a whole different side to the United States!


Louisiana’s capital New Orleans is a liberal hub in the mostly conservative south.  Established by French colonists, New Orleans still has a strong European vibe, as in French Creole architecture, cross-cultural and multilingual heritage with French still being a language spoken there.

The city is also known for its cuisine serving exotic dishes (alligator steak and French cuisine), music (the birthplace of jazz) and its annual celebrations and festivals with a special emphasis on Mardi Gras also reflecting the French colonial times.  Easy to get to, New Orleans is an exotic and interesting destination with a French twist that you surely wouldn’t forget.

South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the many underrated states in the U.S, especially for its natural beauty. If you would like a break from city life then Smokey Mountains National Park is the perfect destination, especially for fond hikers!

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- Rebecca Grove