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Sophie and Tibor Enjoying Their Time in the USA!

26 juni 2017

In early April my boyfriend Tibor and I took a flight to San Francisco, where we both are taking part in an 8-month internship. For a long time, we have both dreamed of an internship in the USA, but if you've been together for a number of years, it's not easy to say goodbye to others for a long time. Therefore, we chose to be placed in the same city. Because how cool is it to say that our first house together is in San Francisco?!

We are having a fantastic time here in California. Tibor works at a real estate office in downtown San Francisco, and I am doing a marketing internship in Silicon Valley. During the week, of course, we are working at our internships, but the weekends are always full of fun activities! For example, in San Francisco, every weekend there is a festival we go to, to meet with friends. There are also many nice areas to explore, delicious restaurants and a lot of cozy bars. In addition, we also like adventures outside the city. California has beautiful scenery, nice beaches and lots of nice little villages. Day trips to Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe or Yosemite are the things we are doing regularly.

But, we have also taken the time to see more of America! So we have traveled through California, Arizona, and Nevada together for our internships, and went on a road trip to Oregon with friends, during Memorial weekend. After our internship, in the grace period, we will travel together through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. There are still many trips to come in the upcoming months.

We are so enjoying our time here! This experience is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and I find it very special that we can share this together. We would really recommend an internship in the USA to everyone.